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wWednesday, February 11, 2004

picturephoning.com: Special Valentine postcards with MMS Go live!

posted by James at 4:24 PM


Series 60 based Panasonic X700 Symbian Clamshell On The Way [from MobileBurn]

"The managing director of Panasonic's overseas phone division, Bob Morioka, has confirmed that the long rumored Panasonic X700 will be out in stores in July. The X700 will use Nokia's Series 60 UI and have a clamshell form factor, unlike any other Series 60 phone released or soon to be released."

posted by James at 10:44 AM

wTuesday, February 10, 2004

Psion's legacy for Symbian?

This is an unusually bluster free Andrew Orlowski article for The Register that raises several interesting questions about the future directions for Symbian, UIQ and Series 60.

posted by James at 7:31 PM

wMonday, February 09, 2004

Nokia to Acquire Psion Plc's Shares in Symbian [from TheFeature]

posted by James at 2:33 PM


Siemens shows new mobiles and PenPhone at CeBIT [from infoSync World]

InfoSync World give a quick mention to the "world's first cordless home-phone with built-in camera and MMS capability" which Siemens will be demonstrating at CeBIT in March.

posted by James at 11:35 AM