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wWednesday, December 31, 2003

Spread the SMS chaos

And why do a bit of load balancing by sharing some of the New Year SMS chaos with the Americans. By the sounds of it they won't be having too much of a meltdown ;-)

posted by James at 12:37 PM


Sending New Years SMS and MMS Messages [from boards.ie]

This Irish bulletin board has a discussion on how it's going to be sheer chaos sending SMS text messages tonight, new year's eve. And, as one contributor notes, you can probably forget about MMS altogether. I have noticed the same as him, that my MMS during the holiday period have all taken three or four attempts to send a regularly failed (on Vodafone Ireland). So much for having free MMS for December and January :-(

posted by James at 12:29 PM

wMonday, December 29, 2003

3GPP Philips Camcoder PRO for Nokia 3650 [from AAS Forums]

Just yesterday I was extolling the advantages of using a Series 60 mobile phone for producing home movies. Today I came across a piece of software that makes this an even more compelling proposition - Philips Camcoder PRO.

It's a terrific application boasting numerous features in advance of the Hantro software that came with my 3650, including unlimited video length, a range of frame capture rates and quality options, and full screen playback. Make sure to check it out.

posted by James at 9:29 PM

wSunday, December 28, 2003

3GPP Philips Camcoder for UIQ [from AAS News]

All About Symbian tells us about the Philips Camcorder software for SonyEricsson P800 mobile handsets -

It provides real-time audio video grabbing and encoding in the MPEG-4/H263 video format as specified by the 3GPP standard. It is fully integrated into phone application environments such as MMS, BT, IR and e-mail. Recorded videos can be played back on all 3GPP compliant players such as but not limited to Philips Platform4 PC Player and Apple Quicktime 6.3.

Video sofware is a killer-app on a mobile phone. Nearly ten years ago I jumped to the chance of buying a camcorder when a friend decided he was selling his. Over the following few months family occasions of every kind were used as an excuse for this wannabe Spielberg to record hours and hours video footage. And then, suddenly, it all stopped. For a number of reasons -

  • The camera was bulky and not easy to carry everywhere. As the best movie moments are usually spontaneuous this was a severe limiting factor to the entertainment value of captured footage

  • Recharging was a chore

  • Editing was impossible without getting extra expensive equipment and no editing meant painfully boring passages

  • Sharing movies was difficult

During this holiday season I've recorded dozens of 10 second video clips on my Nokia 3650 mobile phone. The phone goes everywhere, is always charged up and ready to capture an event at a moments notice.

Each video clip occupies no more than 100kb of disk space. I've used Apple Quicktime to sequence those clips, stitch them together and export a standard .mov formatted file for viewing on any PC. A 2 minute video fits in a single floppy diskette and can thus be shared easily among family and friends. Playback size is only a few square inches and video quality is certainly basic but overall this home video system beats my old camcorder hands down.

posted by James at 10:28 PM