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wSaturday, November 15, 2003

Malaysia to get cross network MMS [from thestar.com]

"Three mobile phone operators in Malaysia are engaged in negotiations to jointly offer multimedia messaging services across the country. Maxis Communications Bhd general manager Steve Martineau said he was hopeful the service could be launched by early next year."

posted by James at 11:03 PM

wThursday, November 13, 2003

Are you smart enough for smartphones? [from Techdirt]

I know this doens't apply to anyone reading this blog but apparentlyt (as discovered by Techdirt) the new generation of computer like phones are just too complex for the general populace to get anything lke 100% utility out of them. What a shame!

posted by James at 8:48 PM


Nokia pushes to talk

Nokia today unveiled what it claims is the world's first GSM push-to-talk (PTT) handset. PTT is the technology that allows you contact another PPT handset user at the push of a button, walkie-talkie style. The most interesting part of the announcement was not about this particular phone though (which seems to have a bit of an identity crisis if you ask me) but the declaration that -

"While the Nokia 5140 phone is the first Nokia GSM handset to feature push-to-talk capability, it marks the first step as push-to-talk becomes an increasingly common function. During 2004, Nokia will introduce a full range of push-to-talk capable GSM phones, including Symbian OS based smartphones. From 2005 onwards push-to-talk will become available for all Nokia GPRS/WCDMA phones.

I didn't guess that Nokia would commit so wholeheartedly to PPT this early on. Seems like a bold gamble and one that's sure to rankle with the mobile operators. How dare Nokia reduce voice traffic to the status of data traffic. Bold boy!

posted by James at 2:56 PM

wWednesday, November 12, 2003

Presenting... "Presence" [ from CNETAsia] [via SmartMobs]

CNETAsia tells us more about IMPS or Instant Messaging Presence Services which hopes to build on the popularity of SMS to allow users to share information about whether they are available, busy, or free for a chat.

As the article rightly points out though, presence related services aren't as critical on mobile phones as they are on PCs, and I certainly have my doubts about the need for this. When I send an SMS I'm automatically assume the 'presence' of my friend at the other end because most of my friends have the mobiles on their person at all times and switched on as well. When I don't get an immediate response I just assume they're busy and patiently wait for a response. If I really need to know their 'presence status' I'll just initiate a voice call.

And with Agile Messenger on my Nokia 3650 I can also tap into the world of PC tethered internet presence.

posted by James at 11:07 AM


Euro wireless overtakes fixed-line phones [from RED HERRING]

"Last month Europe joined Africa as the second continent where mobile phones outnumber traditional, fixed-line phones, according to research from the Yankee Group. The report also says landline phones are here to stay but bundling of services will push down its profitability."

Well I'm surprised that it was only last month to be honest! Maybe the figure is correct for Europe wide but here in Ireland I'm sure that milestone was reached much earlier. Anyone got figures?

posted by James at 9:39 AM

wTuesday, November 11, 2003

OMA Pushes Forward On MMS Interoperability [from WirelessWeek.com]

"The Open Mobile Alliance has unleashed its MMS version 1.2 enabler. The release, according to OMA, is designed to provide a global industry standard for MMS application development by defining a minimum set of requirements and conformance to enable end-to-end interoperability of MMS applications, MMS-capable handsets and servers and content provisioning. The OMA views the release as a 'starting point for the integration between MMS systems and current messaging systems, such as Internet-based e-mail systems, across countries, operators and mobile terminals.'"

posted by James at 11:08 PM


Quicklink: MS to carpet bomb channel with phones? [from The Register]

posted by James at 10:44 PM

wMonday, November 10, 2003

Nokia not buying Psion

At least not according to The Inquirer. Phew, thank you Mobitopians for pointing that out. Now a I can sleep easy ;-)

posted by James at 11:14 PM


Tickets on your cell phone via MMS [from News.com]

"The patented technology, 'mobi-tickets,' was licensed by Aura Digital Communications from U.K. company Mobiqa for distribution in Asia-Pacific. It sends a bar code to a mobile phone as a picture message, which can then be scanned by a typical point-of-sale system."

posted by James at 11:05 PM


Nokia to take over Psion/Symbian [msmobiles.com]

If msmobiles.com had posted this in April I'd be checking the date but seeing as they appear like a reputable enough site and it's only November I have to give it at least the benefit of the doubt. Which means, I'm in shock!

Nokia owns 32.2 % of Symbian. Psion owns 31.1 % of Symbian. After takeover of Psion (confirmed from several sources just today) Nokia will own 63.3 % of Symbian and will have thus the controlling power over Symbian.

And I'm disgusted! I've never barred my holds (huh?) as regards mobile operators (such as Vodafone) deluding themselves with visions beyond their place in the mobile ecosystem so now it's time to ask Nokia what the hell are you thinking? If this strategy seems clever to you I can only say one word...... Apple.

posted by James at 11:15 AM