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wSaturday, November 08, 2003

Tag and Scan your mobile world

There seems to be a new service of this type every month now and I can't wait to have one available here in Ireland. TagandScan is another British venture, now running in beta mode and looking quite impressive. The software allows you to vitually tag your physical environment with notes that you can share with other TagandScan users. So, for instance, you could take a photo of a new resteraunt and tag it with your review of the food and service.

This is what mobile technology is all about IMHO. Not only must it be immersed in the real world but it must be merged with the real world.

posted by James at 11:40 AM

wThursday, November 06, 2003

Mobile gaming could be worth is €3bn by 2008 [via silicon.com]

posted by James at 10:49 PM


Reiter jumps on the Camera Phone bandwagon

Alan Reiter knows a good thing when he sees it and it's great to see him bringing his sharp analysis to the world of moblogging with Reiter's Camera Phone Report (blog).

If it was around 6 months ago I'd have advised you to bookmark it. But now I'd recommend you aggregate it :-)

posted by James at 10:46 PM

wTuesday, November 04, 2003

GPS city maps for Series 60 [via Mobitopia IRC Channel]

Most of you lucky enough to live in the 'real world' will be delighted to read that TomTom has announced CityMaps for Series 60 phones. These support compatible bluetooth GPS receivers which make them perfect moblogging aids.

Unfortunately I live in Ireland which hasn't shown up on the radar yet, boohoo :-(

posted by James at 2:44 PM


Apple pushing media 'core' for 3G phones [from The Straits Times]... via Picturephoning.com

posted by James at 12:05 PM


TV via 3G [via Smart Mobs]

Smart Mobs gets the scoop on the fascinating news of what the BBC is up to with the latest mobile technology -

Television takes a decisive step into new territory this week when a programme will be broadcast by BBC Bristol using 3G video mobile phones as cameras.

The weekday news magazine Points West has already achieved a breakthrough by showing 3G phone pictures in a discussion between several teenagers out in the city and a local politician in the studio.

While the team in Bristol has been pioneering the use of 3G, news technology has been developing similar uses for mobile phones to capture up to two minutes of pictures and sound. Tests using a Nokia 3650 have produced results via an email connection comparable to the early -- and bulky -- satellite phones (remember John Simpson in Afghanistan?). Reporters will be able to use the phones to deliver reports and pictures although this system does not yet allow for two-way conversations.

This is extraodinary stuff! As the article goes on to exclaim, the future is now.

posted by James at 10:21 AM


China to export 3G?

This story in The Register is a few days old but only caught my eye today. And I'm glad I didn't miss it because this could be huge, or as The Register says, it could potentially have huge ramifications for the global market.

China has invested heavily in time-division synchronous CDMA (TD-SCDMA), an overlay onto GSM networks, which so far has widely been seen as a bargaining counter against the European W-CDMA (now rebranded 3GSM) and US CDMA 2000 camps.

"The market for the TD-SCDMA system is not only confined to China, and its commercial value is for the whole world," Zhu Gaofeng, director-general of China Communications Standardization Association told the China Daily.

Just when I thought it was a two-horse race!

posted by James at 9:49 AM