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wFriday, October 31, 2003

CNN Puts Alternative to Mobile Browsing on Nokia 6600 [from TheFeature]

The Feature tells us a little more about CNN's deal with Nokia whereby i's introducing a java application that will download news updates by including it on the "try and buy" card that will ship with the new 6600.

"As WAP seems to weaken, and many users don't want to pay for a full browsing experience, small, focused applications present an interesting alternative. They can often offer a rich experience with a minimum of data."

I don't know where the author got that bit about WAP weakening though, from what I can see it's the exact opposite since GRPS usage has become more widespread.

posted by James at 11:03 PM


Nokia headed in right multimedia direction
Russell Beattie thinks the Nokia 7700 is fugly and big. I can't agree about the fugly part, I really like it. Other than that he hits the nail on the head regarding the direction Nokia are headed in -

"Mobile multimedia will be *big*. Not just in the sense that you can watch movies on a phone, but that you can watch movies *created* on a phone. The ease of use in creating and posting that the new devices allow and the fact that you can consume this content anywhere you go is going to combine to make it the killer mobile app."

Absolutely spot on. The key is in the ability to create aswell as consume the content. It makes the phone the only requirement of a complete ecosystem (well the only physical component that the user cares about at least). No other bits and pieces, no cables, no connections, no hassle.

posted by James at 8:09 PM

wTuesday, October 28, 2003

Cops to use MMS to tack criminals [from The Times of India]

"TeleDNA, a wireless solutions company, has developed a prototype for the Karnataka police that helps put images of suspects on the network, enabling geographically dispersed police agents to have instant access to these pictures."

posted by James at 10:31 PM


Nokia, what drugs are you on?

Seriously, how does this company keep spewing out such fantastic new toys at a rate of knots while others, like Motorola and Siemens, seem to be in a relative state of permanent hibernation? Check out the breath-taking new Nokia 7700 for example, a phone which is unlike any one you've ever seen before.

What has it got? Well it would be easier to say what it hasn't got but let me try anyway - FM radio, MP3, EDGE, Digital TV capability, handwriting recognition on a 640x320 pixel touchscreen with 65k colours, the new Series 90 UI on Symbian 7.0 and a dramatic design which makes it look more like a camera than a phone. And that's only for starters!

This is the one to beat folks. This if the phone that changes the future.

posted by James at 4:53 PM


T-Mobile Germany launches MMS traffic and route services [from Telecom.paper]

"T-Mobile Germany has enhanced its existing traffic and route services portfolio with MMS services, which give the user detailed information about the route to their destination. This service can be used for free until the end of 2003 as introduction offer."

I might have ventured my own analysis but Telecom.paper does an excellent job of that, offering a 'Current Perspective', 'Vendor Importance' and 'Market Impact'. Go read...

posted by James at 10:57 AM

wMonday, October 27, 2003

New Series 60 version of Opera and its inclusion in 6600 [via AAS News]

As hinted at below, it was a big day for Opera too today. Firstly they announced that their browser is coming pre-packaged on all new Nokia 6600s and secondly they announced a new more memory efficient version 6.10 for Series 60. Early reviews give it the thumbs up! And seeing as it's a free upgrade from the last version, I'm going to download and install now....

posted by James at 10:10 PM


Nokia 6600 is shipping

So, it has finally started shipping and I find myself strangely apathetic! Don't get me wrong; if I didn't already have a 3650 I'd rush out and buy it right away. But as other 3650 owners on the All About Symbian forums are pointing out, the improvements are just too incremental for us to justify the purchase.

Indeed the most interesting thing about the announcement wasn't the hardware but the new Try & Buy concept which allows consumers and corporations to test a selection of new applications available in the standard sales package. Accessible via the removable 32MB multimedia memory card included in the sales package, all the new applications can be tried three times after which consumers can opt to purchase an application they wish to continue using. The applications can be purchased at www.softwaremarket.nokia.com and from retail outlets around Europe.

Applications include WorldMate, SlovoEd multilingual dictionary, Quickword, Zipman, Opera browser and a Pinball game.

posted by James at 8:29 PM


Japan plans mobile phone pay plan [from BBC NEWS]

"Japanese shoppers should soon be able to use their mobile phones to pay for goods and services thanks to a deal between phone firm NTT DoCoMo and electronics giant Sony. The two companies announced on Monday that they will set up a joint venture to make smartcards for DoCoMo's mobile phones."

posted by James at 9:47 AM