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wSaturday, October 25, 2003

Finally a new Nokia Communicator! [via The Register]

What a great way to end of the week by reading in The Register that -

Nokia is expected to take the wraps off its new Communicator at two 'Mobility' events next month. The new device will be the first 'instantiation' of the Hildon project and a showcase for its new Series 90 PDA platform."

I love my 3650 but if Nokia can somehow manage to get all the techology in (keyboard, bluetooth, etc) and squeeze it all into a smaller package then I can see myself possibly jumping ship.

posted by James at 1:49 PM


The Rise of MMS [from TheFeature]

"New handsets this week from several vendors, picture messaging looks to be gaining steam, and more... "

posted by James at 9:06 AM

wThursday, October 23, 2003

picturephoning.com: 15-second films for Nokia 3650s entered in The Raindance Film Festival

posted by James at 6:51 PM


OTA OS updates for Symbian [via Wireless Developer Network]
"Bitfone Corporation (www.bitfone.com), a leader in over-the-air (OTA) firmware update technology for mobile phones, today announced it has joined the Symbian Platinum Program, enabling Bitfone to expand and promote the value of OTA updates to the Symbian OS market. Bitfone demonstrated a fault-tolerant OTA update of a Symbian OS handset with their mProveTM solution at the 3GSM World Congress in early 2003."

This sounds really great, a kind of Windows Update only for Symbian (obviously) and over the air.

posted by James at 3:32 PM

wWednesday, October 22, 2003

KDDI to start flat rate for e-mail, Internet transmissions in Japan [via Yahoo! News]

"Japan's second largest telecoms operator KDDI Corp. said it will introduce a flat rate next month for packet transmission of email and Internet content for its mobile phone service. This is the first time for a telecoms operator to provide a fixed rate for data transmission via mobile phones in Japan."

Boy how I'd love to have flat rate use of my Nokia 3650. Sadly, seeing as Ireland has only introduced FRIACO dial-up last July I definitely won't be holding my breath for it!

posted by James at 6:22 PM

wTuesday, October 21, 2003

Merged GSM/Wi-Fi Scheme Proposed [from CRN]

posted by James at 9:46 PM


Sendo X Smartphone using Nokia Series 60

All About Symbian carries the Sendo press release, review and comments about the brand new Sendo X Smartphone which is being very well received indeed. Again, it's a nice evelutionary advancement on what's gone before with better video and audio capability than the Nokia 3650 for example. Great to see that software which runs on the Nokia 3650 should also run on the X Smarphone due to the latter's use of Nokia Series 60 as well as the Symbian OS.

posted by James at 3:38 PM


Cellphones = PCs + Voice Phones, Personalised [fia EMERGIC.org]

EMERGIC.org picks out the key insight of Dan Gillmor article about Orange -

"The key feature of these new phones is how they become almost a hybrid of the two major communications devices of the late 20th century, voice phones and personal computers. They're phones plus computing platforms, taking advantage of specialized network services, but not so complex as devices that they become as unwieldy as PCs or so simple that they can't be adapted to other uses."

That's a huge reason why Microsoft are finding the smartphone market such a tough nut to crack. Coming from a background in bloated and needlessly complex UI design makes if extremely difficult for them to get a foothold in a market saturated by the elegant simplicity of Nokia UIs.

posted by James at 10:29 AM

wMonday, October 20, 2003

The new Sony Ericsson P900 [from MobileBurn]

MobileBurn don't seem particularly impressed with the all new Sony Ericsson P900 but I think it's a nice evolutionary improvement on the P800. Enhancements such as video recorder, 65,000 colours and 48MB of RAM move it well up there in my fantasy wishlist.

posted by James at 10:04 PM


MMS handset sales rocket in Kuwaiti [from AME Info]

"MMS handset sales rocket as Wataniya Telecom brings advanced multimedia services to Kuwaiti mobile users Wataniya Telecom announced today that its new and advanced multimedia and entertainment lifestyle service, 'Action', has spurred a 30 percent growth in the Kuwaiti MMS-enabled handsets market, as it continues to provide its customers with the richest and most compelling set of GPRS and MMS services in the Middle East."

posted by James at 1:57 PM