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wSaturday, May 31, 2003

Silicon.com article on predictive texting software for mobile phones focusing on the next generation of product such as AirTx's tx4u. This software will apparently, not only predict words, but whole sentences!

posted by James at 4:05 PM

wFriday, May 30, 2003

This is a Symbian focused blog but I've got to hand it to Palm, after reading the news that the Palm Zire has topped the 1 million units sold mark [CNET News.com]. In fact the Zire is now the fastest growing handheld in Palm's history.

posted by James at 6:27 PM

wThursday, May 29, 2003

O2 announces Active service: "Network operator O2 has announced Active, a mobile internet service positioned squarely as a competitive response to Vodafone's Live. Active features an icon-based interface and a range of free, subscription and download services, including ringtones, Java games and video"

Well it's about bloody time isn't it! From the screenshots I've seen it looks very much a copy of Vodafone Live!, which is hardly surprising considering the success of that service.

posted by James at 9:40 PM


And now for the gamblers amongst you - " WinwardCasino.com to Launch World's First Real-Money, Real-Time, Full-Function, Wireless Casino with 17 games including blackjack, slots and video poker for real-money wagering on cell phones and connected PDAs powered by the PocketPC(R) or Palm OS(R).

WinwardCasino.com's wireless game suite will continue to be enhanced with new games, like roulette and craps, and support for additional handheld device platform environments such as Symbian and J2ME."

posted by James at 9:29 PM


Orange, Palm to work together on business solutions "Palm has announced that it is working with Orange's business solutions division in France to create an offering based around the Tungsten W GPRS handheld"

Another display of platform agnosticism on Orange's part. I wonder if this hedging of it's bets is really the best strategy?

posted by James at 9:27 PM


The Register has a very late review of the Sony Ericsson P800. But it's a thorough one, which makes up for it to some extent -

"Since the days of the Newton, I've been waiting for a killer gadget that combines the functionality of a good PDA with the communication abilities of a mobile phone. The Sony Ericsson P800 was launched into exactly this gap in the market with much fanfare. Does it live up to the hype? Well, no it doesn't...."

posted by James at 4:06 PM

wWednesday, May 28, 2003

Another startup creates a blogging system that accomodates submission of MMS photos.

posted by James at 6:37 PM


SANYO SCP-8100 Camera Phone Review - ZDNet: "The Lowdown: It may not have all the bells and whistles of the 5300, but it's a good choice for an easy-to-use, phone/camera hybrid."

I still wouldn't touch one of these with a barge pole. It's nowhere near a smartphone and I don't understand why anyone would waste money on the camera funtionality when there's such a limitation on what you can do with it afterwards!

posted by James at 8:58 AM

wTuesday, May 27, 2003

My-Expressions is a brand new hosted blogging system for 'media' (photo) bloggers. Looks interesting but doesn't appear to support RSS yet, tut, tut.

posted by James at 10:07 PM


Nokia's Mobile Internet Toolkit 4.0 Introduces Digital Rights Management

The announcement propels rich mobile content further along the path to widespread acceptance by providing several new features that enhance the environment for mobile application and content developers. Chief among these is the incorporation of the content publishing feature of Digital Rights Management version 1.0 from the Open Mobile Alliance. The use of this industry-wide standard allows developers and publishers to protect the intellectual property value of applications and content they provide to mobile devices.

The Toolkit features support for a wide variety of protocols including WML, xHTML, WAP, and multimedia messaging service (MMS). MMS allows users to send messages combining text, images, graphics and sound in a single "rich" message. The toolkit offers further ease-of-use through its integrated MMS wizards, which generate MMS content in several different modes, including automatic generation from SMIL content and step-by-step part selection, streamlining the process for rapid content development. The Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit Starter Pack offers a complete "self-contained" solution for out-of-the-box development, including a WAP gateway simulator that eliminates the need for an external server or gateway.

posted by James at 9:59 PM


Silicon.com - Microsoft Smartphone OS moves into Ericsson and Nokia's backyard: "Microsoft has struck two new agreements for the use of its Windows Smartphone operating system and denied it suffered a major set-back in Europe days ago."

Ah well, God loves a trier.... ;-)

posted by James at 6:19 PM


Silicon.com - Vodafone results offer cheer as losses halve: "Outgoing Vodafone CEO Vodafone Chris Gent has delivered some cheer to the mobile market with news that his company has cut its losses by more than 50 per cent."

posted by James at 1:07 PM


Story: Bluetooth's broken. Here's how to fix it - ZDNet: Now call me a conspiracy theorist but it seem to me that Bluetooth suffers for a split personality depending on whether the reviewer is from the left hand or right hand side of the Atlantic ocean! Why is is that articles about this wireless technology are almost invariably negative when they originate in the USA, while they're almost universally positive coming out of Europe? Is it a form of technology patriotism? America versus Europe = WiFi versus Bluetooth?

posted by James at 9:50 AM

wMonday, May 26, 2003

Electric Pocket Launches MMS for Palm OS "Pixer MMS is already shipping in the Asia/Pacific region with Palm Tungsten W handhelds and is the first and only MMS solution for the Palm OS platform. Pixer MMS for Palm OS enables Tungsten W handheld users who subscribe to multi-media messaging services to send and receive MMS messages. In addition, users of other Palm OS 3.5 handhelds and smartphones can send picture messages and handwritten notes directly from their device via MMS."

posted by James at 6:48 PM


Prospecting for Gold Among the Photo Blogs: Interesting New York Times article on the rise of photoblogging. The article is in the Arts section, not the Technology section, so it doesn't go into the gadgets used but is still worth a read...

posted by James at 9:56 AM