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wSaturday, May 24, 2003

MicroOptical Demos Bluetooth Eyewear Viewers: This is it... the perfect accessory for the Nokia 3650..... a tiny LCD screen which clips on to eye glasses and receives video via bluetooth. Only problem is that it costs in the $4,000 range....

posted by James at 1:37 PM


MicroOptical Demos Bluetooth Eyewear Viewers: This is it... the perfect accessory for the Nokia 3650..... a tiny LCD screen which clips on to eye glasses and receives video via bluetooth. Only problem is that it costs in the $4,000 range....

posted by James at 1:36 PM


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It seems that the people at Voidstar, to whom I'm indebted for their free service, we're getting the bandwidth sucked out of them. So a big thanks to my new, free RSSify hosts at Wytheville Community College

posted by James at 10:33 AM


Wired News: "J-Phone, the third-largest cell-phone service provider in Japan, just raised the bar in the camera-phone market. The cell-phone company is now selling the J-SH53 by Sharp, a cell phone with an embedded camera that can take pictures in 1 million effective pixels. Most camera phones can take pictures with only half that resolution, which makes the images appear blurry if significantly enlarged on a monitor or printer."

Maybe so, but I'd much prefer them a little blurry, but usable, than high definition and totally unusable (in terms of bandwidth). From what I've seen, the photos taken by a Nokia 3650 are perfectly acceptable for web publishing while also being plenty small (in KBs) for those of us on good ol' dial-up internet. 1 million pixel resolution will be great in about 5 years when we all have broadband at home and 3G or 4G on the road.

posted by James at 10:16 AM


Wired News: Can a Keyboard Light the Way?. Apparently those sci-fi looking ligh projection keyboards are really going to be with us quite shortly. Canesta expects to that we'll see it's version in PDAs by the end of this year. There seems to be a fair degree of cynicism about the usefullness of them considering the lack of tactile feedback but if they work 'as advertised' I'll certainly be looking out for one. Now, if only they could make the PDA virtual aswell.......

posted by James at 10:10 AM

wFriday, May 23, 2003

The Globe and Mail has a very intesting article on how a Nokia 3650 camera phone can actually boost productivity in a small company.

"In addition to making calls, employees can also use the imaging phone to photograph diagrams and products displayed at trade shows, as well as notes, drawings and business plans created on white boards during meetings at the 10-employee company's office."

posted by James at 7:01 PM


Irish network orders MMSC. The relevance of this story is simply the fact that it's so laughable that it's a story at all ;)

Why? Because Meteor is the struggling third mobile operator in Ireland which was supposed to break down the duopoly position of Vodafone and O2 but has still only a pitiful market share of about 4% which it doesn't look like improving any time soon, if at all. One would have thought that they might have been first to market with new and innovative services (such as MMS) but instead they are months behind. Sad.

posted by James at 2:48 PM

wThursday, May 22, 2003

infoSync World : The writing is on the... Nokia phone?. Wow, the first phone from Nokia with handwriting recognition. And I believe the first with a flip keypad aswell?

posted by James at 10:16 PM


Business 2.0 Camera Phones Send a Pretty Picture: "Despite all the hype surrounding 3G, consumers have generally proven reluctant to use many of the latest 3G services, including multimedia messaging and the wireless Internet. There is one service, though, that has turned consumers' heads, and that service is mobile photography -- via next-generation camera phones such as Nokia's (NOK) new 3650 or Samsung's v205."

posted by James at 7:27 PM


MobiMate's WorldMate Comes To Nokia Series 60 Phones. This travel app was a no. 1 smash hit on the Sony Ericcsson P800 and I expect it will be an even bigger seller on the Nokia 3650.

posted by James at 6:59 PM

wWednesday, May 21, 2003

Synergenix to support Symbian: "Synergenix Interactive today revealed the launch of the new, all software, Mophun 3D game engine for Symbian based handsets. The engine will be available for all Series 60 and UIQ handsets, including the popular Nokia 3650, 7650, N-Gage and Sony Ericsson P800. Mophun 3D enables a rich gaming experience with advanced 3D graphics, enhanced audio, multi-player capabilities and more."

posted by James at 6:34 PM


WiFi for data - Nokia dials for future phones: "Donal O'Connell, Nokia phones' R&D veep, said that WiFi will form a part of its future high-end handsets at an analyst briefing in Irvine, Texas today. O'Connell offered a few glimpses of future directions for the handset business. Next generation phones will have Gigabytes of storage, megapixel cameras and morph into super-IM clients, with the user notified of the status and whereabouts of each contact."

Check the rest of the article to see that Nokia are keeping a level head about the potential for WiFi.

posted by James at 6:13 PM

wTuesday, May 20, 2003

Why Will Wireless Camera phones Revolutionize the Photography Industry by Evan Nisselson- The Digital Journalist: "After arriving in Milan, I picked up my cell phone camera that I wasn’t able to use in the states because of Italian pre-paid service issues. Within one hour of using my cell camera again in Italy, I had sent 5 new photos as mms messages to friends around the world showing that I was back in Italy. Cell cameras are addictive!"

posted by James at 10:01 PM


Unstrung: "LightSurf Technologies announced today the immediate availability of Global Exchange for MMS (GX-MMS), a real-time content publishing, distribution and management solution for wireless operators and third-party providers of mobile content. LightSurf GX-MMS makes it easy for operators to rapidly deliver revenue-generating premium services featuring content from popular third-party providers, and offers content providers a comprehensive solution for content publishing, management, billing, and delivery to all operators across diverse networks."

posted by James at 6:36 PM

wMonday, May 19, 2003

Unstrung: "Mobile messaging services will continue to grow strongly in Western Europe and the rest of the world, according to a new report published this week by Analysys, the global advisers on telecommunications, IT and media (www.analysys.com). This will be driven by further growth of SMS text messaging in new market segments and new applications, as well as the take-up of advanced messaging services, such as MMS and mobile instant messaging.

MMS is still in its infancy in most markets," says Brydon. "Excessive price premiums, lack of interworking and the lack of a critical mass of users will limit its growth in the short term. Network operators must follow Japan's lead by setting affordable prices and packaging MMS with a range of other services, as attempted with Vodafone live!"

posted by James at 9:26 PM


Funmail opens platform to third party providers: "Funmail, which has developed a platform for generating animated multimedia messages [MMS] from simple text inputs, has announced that it will make its technology available to third party content providers

posted by James at 9:21 PM


Openwave Upgrades MMS Client; Agere Porting It In New GPRS Software "Openwave says the new client enables manufacturers to use a single piece of software for both WAP 2.0 and MMS, reducing software space requirements and trimming integration work. The client complies with 3GPP and OMA standards, supporting MMS SMIL slideshows and XHTML Mobile Profile messages, the company says."

posted by James at 9:18 PM


Mobile Multimedia Messaging: the Next Killer App in Wireless?: "While analysts and carriers are hoping for a windfall, MMS today is really a platform, and a killer app that builds upon it is necessary to convince subscribers to spend money on new devices and services."

posted by James at 9:15 PM


Moblogging con registration is live Registration has just opened for the first International Moblogging Conference, to be held July 5 in Tokyo.

The 1IMC is the first-ever gathering of everyone interested in moblogging, whether that interest is primarily in developing tools, platforms and standards to enable the practice, marketing products and services to support it, or in actually going out and doing it!

[via Boing Boing Blog]

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