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wSaturday, May 17, 2003

At last a way to convert 3gp to AVI. It seems like quite alot of work though so hurry up Apple and get your 3gp compatible Quicktime out please.

posted by James at 8:52 PM


Pocketop Inc - PDA Accessories - Wireless PDA Keyboard. There are rumours on AllAboutSymbian.com that Pocketop are going to write drivers for Series 60 phones for their excellent wireless foldable keyboards.

posted by James at 1:19 PM


infoSync World - Commodore 64 on Nokia smartphones: "Hannu Viitala's Commodore 64 emulator will let users of Nokia's 7650 and 3650 smartphones experience a bit of nostalgia wherever, whenever."

posted by James at 8:46 AM


infoSync World - Nokia smartphones double as remotes: "First came a public beta for the Sony Ericsson P800, and now a version of PsiNT's infrared remote control software is available for Series 60 smartphones. irRemote 1.0 allows users to control a wide range of audio and video equipment using the built-in infrared ports of these smartphones."

posted by James at 8:43 AM

wFriday, May 16, 2003

iTnews: "Telstra and its financial advisers for too long have put their future hopes on mobiles. Despite clear warnings, WAP, GPRS, MMS and 3G are not providing them a golden pathway to new revenue streams and high profits."

posted by James at 6:39 PM


T-Mobile jettisons Microsoft smart phone: "T-Mobile International, Europe's second largest mobile phone operator, said Thursday it has shelved plans to introduce a smart phone powered by Microsoft software. Industry sources said the phone software still has "fundamental problems'' leading to high failure rates." [via CNet.com]

posted by James at 4:37 PM


ZDNet |UK| News - Nokia pen writes notes to a mobile phone: "A digital pen being developed by Nokia allows mobile phone users to write or draw a message, transfer it to the phone and then distribute it via MMS. When used with a specially-printed notepad, Nokia's new gadget -- the Digital Pen SU-1B -- allows users to write in digital ink and transfer the image to their mobile phones via Bluetooth radio."

posted by James at 1:20 PM


Quicktime to Support 3GP Movies

Thank goodness. This eWeek story writes that the next version of Quicktime is going to support the 3GP file format, a variation on MPEG4 that my Nokia 3650 uses. 

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posted by James at 10:29 AM

wWednesday, May 14, 2003

Nokia, Unisys Team for MMS: "The MMS solution offered by Unisys will be a high-capacity multimedia messaging platform for person-to-person mobile messaging and content access. Under the agreement, Unisys will resell Nokia's market-leading end-to-end multimedia messaging solution to Unisys telecommunications clients. These clients will then be able to act as a bridge between content providers and millions of end-user customers who desire comprehensive and versatile MMS services"

posted by James at 10:44 PM


Nokia's N-Gage To Launch October 7th: "The N-Gage will be available for sale on October 7th of this year, for the unsubsidized price of $299. That's pretty amazing, given that Nokia's recent phone combos, including the 3650 digital-camera phone, and earlier combos have been priced at $500 or more."

posted by James at 10:40 PM

wTuesday, May 13, 2003

infoSync World : Send free SMS with J2ME phones. SMSSend 2.0 is a J2ME app which allows users to bypass the operators for sending SMS by virtue of using ICQ's SMS sending service instead. The operators must just hate the growing power of the handsets which is surely going to thwart many of their revenue streams. How long will users spend a small ranson on regular MMS, for instance, before they realise they can get the same effect through the email function for a fraction of the cost?

posted by James at 6:15 PM


infoSync World : TomTom Bluetooth GPS receiver unveiled. Nice add-on for any Sony Ericsson P800 or Nokia 7650/3650

posted by James at 3:46 PM


infoSync World : TomTom Bluetooth GPS receiver unveiled. Nice addition to any Nokia 3650 or 7650, or a Sony Ericsson

posted by James at 3:45 PM

wSunday, May 11, 2003

BlogPlanet Rules: J2ME Blogging MIDlet for 3650s

BlogPlanet is a new Java-based moblogging app that came out a week or so ago... What a kick ass little MIDlet! Jim sent this over to me yesterday and I just had a chance to play with it right now and it's just a well-done, clean app. Here's the features from their site:

    • Create, edit and delete posts

    • A user dictionary which lets you add shortcuts for frequently used words and phrases

    • Take pictures with the built-in camera

    • Easily include the pictures in your posts, without having to enter HTML code

    • Supports the BloggerAPI and MetaWeblogAPI for compatibility with a vast number of blog sites

    • English, German and Spanish language support


Russell goes on at length to expound upon the virtues of this nifty new software. It seems that the prospect of doing some serious moblogging is becoming more and more real everyday.

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posted by James at 9:11 AM