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wFriday, May 09, 2003

Mobile Commerce: "Indian operator Airtel has launched its MMS services to 3 million subscribers across India, using LogicaCMG's Multimedia Messaging Service Centre (MMSC)."

posted by James at 10:16 PM


Orange bets on data boom: "UK mobile phone operator Orange is spending £10m on a push to persuade its customers to use their phones for e-mail and data. The company will change its tariffs to include a £4-a-month charge for unlimited sending of picture messages, and put training staff in its 248 UK stores."

But here's the really interesting bit from the BBC article - Four out of five Orange customers, the company noted in a statement, use only 10% of their phones' capabilities. "Our customers aren't getting the most out of their phones," said David Taylor, vice-president of customer marketing for Orange. "Mobile services aren't useful unless people know how to use them."

Exactly. This is the uphill battle all the operators face. I can't wait to make use of every single feature on the Nokia 3650 I'm buying soon. But I wonder, how many 'regular' consumers will use even 5% of it's capabilities??

posted by James at 10:07 PM


Electric Pocket Brings Pixer MMS to Palm pdaPhones: "Electric Pocket Limited has announced the global launch of Pixer MMS for Palm OS, a standard's compliant multi-media messaging service (MMS) solution for Palm Powered handhelds. Pixer MMS is already shipping in the Asia/Pacific region with Palm Tungsten W handhelds and is the first and only MMS solution for the Palm OS platform. Pixer MMS for Palm OS enables Tungsten W handheld users who subscribe to multi-media messaging services to send and receive MMS messages. In addition, users of other Palm OS 3.5 handhelds and smartphones can send picture messages and handwritten notes directly from their device via MMS."

posted by James at 6:20 PM


Infosync have a review of the Nokia 6800 - the one with the fold out QWERTY keyboard. Why oh why didn't the put that keyboard on the 3650? Then I'd have my perfect mobile device!

posted by James at 2:18 PM

wThursday, May 08, 2003

Sapio launches MMS Photostore for camera phones. Users of Nokia 3650 and 7650 devices can upload photos to the online storage network and share the images with friends.

posted by James at 8:52 PM


Nokia research suggests high demand for MMS "Nokia believes the research points greater demand than previously expected for MMS, especially premium content services. The Finnish company said that it now expects MMS to capture a greater share of overall consumer spend on media services such as television, internet and magazines."

Of course any research study by Nokia is harldly going to put a negative spin on MMS, now is it?

posted by James at 8:49 PM

wWednesday, May 07, 2003

USATODAY.com: "One moment I am listening to a timely news report on National Public Radio, the next I am watching a music video. A few minutes later I am sitting in my New Jersey kitchen having a walkie-talkie type conversation with a guy near Chicago. In the middle of our chat, he snaps a picture of his street and sends it to me; I take my own photo and dispatch it to him.
Did I mention we are doing all of this on a single device: Nokia's 3650 mobile phone?"

posted by James at 10:22 PM

wSunday, May 04, 2003

AvantGo for the Nokia 3650 Review: "AvantGo definitely needs to improve their browser a bit and decrease the basic size of their app (it shouldn't be THAT big!) however, in general it's pretty well done. I'm not going to delete it anyways... and that's always a good sign. But like I posted before - where's the RSS support? This is really required in order to be considered by me a "real" aggregator, otherwise it's a relic of the past. Still - great to see these guys providing this app for Symbian. Look for a LOT more Palm staples like this to be ported soon is my prediction."

[via Russell Beattie Notebook]

Two interesting points raised by Russel's review - (1) Can proprietary non-RSS aggregators survive the RSS invasion and, (2) Can we really expect a LOT more Palm apps to be ported across to the Symbian platfrom soon? Hope so :-)

Composed with Newz Crawler 1.4 http://www.newzcrawler.com/

posted by James at 8:28 PM


infoSync World - BenQ shows Symbian OS smartphone: "Unlike the Sony Ericsson P800, however, the P30 appears to lean more towards a one-handed approach for navigation. There is no mentioning of its display being touch-sensitive, nor any sign of a stylus being present for navigation. Should the P30 only support key-based navigation, this would imply that the UIQ interface has been drastically altered in comparison to that of the Sony Ericsson P800 and Motorola A920."

posted by James at 12:26 PM