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wSaturday, March 22, 2003

InfoWorld: Linux takes backseat in new Motorola phone:  "Motorola grabbed a lot of headlines in February when it announced the world's first mobile phone that runs Linux, however, developers won't be able to create Linux applications and run those on the phone because Linux is not secure enough, Motorola spokesman David Rudd said Wednesday."

"Motorola wants developers to create Java applications. Linux takes a "backseat" to Java and functions as "a vehicle to deliver Java, the enabler of the applications on the phone," Rudd said in an interview."

posted by James at 5:12 PM


Step 2a, publishing a dummy blog entry to pick up the new link over there in the left hand column. Tada! Use and enjoy :-)

posted by James at 2:08 PM


Step 2 of sprucing up this blog - adding an RSS feed. Thanks to the lads at www.Voidstar.com I'm going to RSSify these pages.

posted by James at 2:01 PM


The Inquirer: "DESPITE A massive TV, radio, Press and online campaign, 3 – the W-CDMA network from Hutchison 3G appears to have made a very slow start – imitating NTT DoCoMo's experience in Japan. According to figures released to the FT yesterday, 3 UK has signed up a mere 10,000 users while the Italians have done much better with 50,000."

posted by James at 1:50 PM


Check out willbray's comments on All About Symbian about the picture quality of his Nokia 3650 - "I print my images out on photopaper in 144 dpi and they look fine - obviously not as good as a proper digital camera but still very acceptable. I also take pix of the kids on days out and put them onto CD-R using a product called DVD PictureShow and play them back on my TV in my DVD Player - VERY acceptable results! Lots off brownie points from the wife on that one!"

Very cool, good on ya Will. This is what I really like about the idea of a good quality camera on a phone - the fact that you allways have it on you and that everything is in digital format means you can get so much more out of photography than ever before.

posted by James at 11:33 AM


Getting back to my earlier mis-useof the term 'proprietary' in relation to the 3GP video format on Nokia 3650 phones, the guys on All About Symbian are expressing much better than I did the frustration with this format which feels proprietary even if it isn't :<

posted by James at 11:26 AM


Irish Internet Association: "mmO2 has recorded its best ever quarter for mobile data growth in the three months to the end of December 2002. The company broke previous records for text messaging (SMS) and has maintained its position as market leader in the UK, it doubled the number of GPRS active users across its territories and reported encouraging early progress for its new interactive services - Java games and multimedia messaging (MMS)."

posted by James at 10:02 AM


Carriers Hot To Trot Push-to-Talk (P2T) "With packet networks providing a better platform for the application and Nextel's high ARPU and enterprise success proving the allure, carriers are changing their tunes about push-to-talk."

posted by James at 9:45 AM

wFriday, March 21, 2003

Ah, I see that it did work, and it is cool. Now all I need is a real WAP phone, like the Nokia 3650 I'm hoping to get very soon :-)

posted by James at 7:48 PM


Just trying the TagTag WAP emulator through the wapblogger website - http://www.ubique.ch/wapblogger/faq.html - to post this message. If this works, it's very cool :)

posted by James at 7:38 PM


CanadaIT.com: "Symbian Ltd and Research In Motion today announced plans to provide a BlackBerry(TM) connectivity solution to carriers and Symbian OS licensees to enable wireless email and corporate data services on Symbian OS phones."

posted by James at 7:05 PM

wWednesday, March 19, 2003

According to TheFeature Vodafone Live! has, in just three months, nearly overtaken the European version of i-mode with over 380,000 subscribers across Europe.

posted by James at 10:55 PM


BBC NEWS: "The Progress Bar in North London has installed a wireless hub that lets people send their pictures to a large screen so everyone in the pub can see what they have been snapping [on their camera phones]. The £250 Meshbox [which makes this possible] crams a wi-fi and Bluetooth access point, Linux server, web browser and instant message software into a small box and no more than 32 megabytes of memory."

posted by James at 10:35 PM


Europemedia.net: Youth spending on mobiles up to 13.5% of disposable income.

"Despite being content-rich and more advanced technically, the mobile sector has not yet found the real added value of multimedia over text messaging. Youth will buy new handsets and use the camera functionality but not necessarily MMS. The youth market for these services will be worth €426 million in 2006, but only 43 per cent of this value will be outside the Asia-Pacific region."

posted by James at 10:17 PM


Wow, this if the first time I've heard of a text spammer being fined and my God is it a big fine...... £40,000 ($63,000).

I've just started using Clickatell to send out notifications about updates to one my websites. I guess this is a timely reminder that I'd better be damn carefull about how I use the service... gulp!

posted by James at 9:47 AM

wTuesday, March 18, 2003

Thanks to Vallu for commenting on my description below of 3GP as a 'proprietary' format. Vallu points out that, in fact, 3GP is, "actually just the opposite. 3gp is a 3gpp standard for video used in mobile terminals. More info from 3GPP."

I should have been more accurate in my wording but what I really meant was that 3GP is a format which can't be played in 'standard' QuickTime, WMP or RealPlayer. At least that's been the case in my experience but maybe I've been doing something wrong? RealPlayer tried to download a new codec but told me that none was available.

It's just frustrating that when video is recorded in standard MP4 on the 7650 and can easily be viewed straight off on all my media players, such is not the case with the 3650.

But thanks for setting me straight on that Vallu :)

posted by James at 9:38 AM

wMonday, March 17, 2003

Thought provoking article from Editor & Publisher entitled, 'Photo Phones Portend Visual Revolution - But Be Careful What You Publish'.

It's a wrap up of emerging trends such as the BBC's soliciting of snaps from their readership to help cover events such as the recent anti-war demos. But one of the big questions raised is with regard to the verification of photo authenticity and the nightmare it could cause for editors.

posted by James at 10:52 PM


I thought that the most interesting thing from this BBC article about Motorola's Linux powered A760 phone, was the comment from the spokesman that, "the fact that Symbian was a consortium often acted as a brake on the pace of development."

posted by James at 10:22 PM


Gizmodo : Microsoft Pocket PCs and Smartphones to incorporate BlackBerry. "It's good news because anyone who has used a Pocket PC Phone to check their email knows that it doesn't work all that well, especially when compared to a BlackBerry"

posted by James at 9:36 PM