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wSaturday, February 22, 2003

ManchesterOnline - News: Goal of the day on your mobile. From Monday, mobile phone users will be able to access video clips through their handsets, including snippets of soaps, pop videos, news and weather footage. Those with Nokia 7650 and Sony-Ericsson P800 mobiles will be able to try out the service, which costs 40p for a 30-second clip."

Fantastic, as long as the screen out all ManU goals :p

posted by James at 11:52 AM

wThursday, February 20, 2003

infoSync : Voice control for Series 60: "The NeuVoice application for Series 60 devices lets users add improved voice tags to their contacts and choose just what number to call, as well as initiate various tasks and start applications by means of voice commands."

posted by James at 11:55 PM


Isn't it great to see Newbay, an Irish company, getting high profile coverage like this in Forbes. Regardless of the reservations of some about the proprietary nature of their mobile blogging system this country needs more companies blazing a trail in completely new and exciting areas like this.

posted by James at 11:36 PM


It's interesting to read that the Danger Hiptop will arrive in colour in Europe within about 6 months. I wonder how much this device will upset the Symbian applecart?

posted by James at 11:20 PM

wWednesday, February 19, 2003

vnunet.com Wap returns from the grave. "New pay-per-view service simplifies use and could boost take-up".

Call me a bandwagon jumper but I always felt there was nothing inherently wrong with WAP, but that it was just too darned slow to use. GPRS is removing this barrier.

posted by James at 11:07 AM

wTuesday, February 18, 2003

Dynamism.com - Toshiba Hopbit: "Portable, Bluetooth HDD lets your Bluetooth-equipped device (e.g., laptop, PDA) access 5gb of data (stored on an internal 1.8" HDD) wirelessly."

Wow.... but check out that price........ 2nd WOW!!!!

posted by James at 8:16 PM


And more 'pust-to-talk' news from Mobic: "Sonim Technologies, Inc. (www.sonimtech.com), the leader in enabling today's wireless data networks to deliver high-margin voice services, will demonstrate its Instant Communications solution at the Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) exhibition stand on February 20 and 21"

posted by James at 7:55 PM


MOBIC: "Ericsson, Nokia and Siemens are jointly defining specifications for an open standard to speed the adoption of direct-call push to talk service over GPRS. Push to talk is a cost-efficient, simple to use direct voice service for GPRS-based systems that has attracted the interest of leading operators."

Emmm,... where will this leave the Fastxt service?

posted by James at 7:51 PM


MMS is a success! But it can be bigger, faster, says Northstream: "The big breakthrough for MMS still lies ahead, but we have the means to shorten the wait. A good sign is that there are already a number of successful cases that indicate real consumer demand for MMS, says Anders Lindqvist, senior advisor at Northstream.

posted by James at 7:46 PM


Agenzia Giornalistica Italia: "Wind mobile clients now have a new service available to them" mobile color maps. The map is completely searchable and can be enlarged or reduced to see different scales. The service also makes it possible to perform geographic searches for businesses, companies, or services, and obtain traffic reports where available in graphic or text format.

The phone recommended to best accompany the service is the Nokia 7650 with a color screen capable of automatically formatting the information.

posted by James at 4:42 PM

wMonday, February 17, 2003

The Register reports that Samsung -- "possibly the biggest tug of of love child in the history of the universe" -- has taken a 5% stake in Symbian in return for a £17 million investment.

posted by James at 11:06 PM


ACCESS' NetFront v3.0 Web Browser Available for Nokia Smart Phones

It seems the competition in web browser for Series 60 is really hotting up! Free evaluation version is available for download here

posted by James at 3:06 PM