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wFriday, February 14, 2003

The Register has a very interesting analysis of why the Symbian OS currently has major advantages over the Microsoft Smartphone OS. Mainly it's all as a result of the way in which the Symbian OS was developed from the ground up as an OS for small platforms, unlike Smartphone which is basically a miniaturised version of a desktop OS!

posted by James at 4:15 PM


My favourite gadgets website - infoSync - has finally gotten around to doing an indept review of the Sony Ericsson P800. And boy was it worth the wait! Excellent review as alwasy with plenty of images. Kudos to Jorgen!

posted by James at 11:02 AM

wThursday, February 13, 2003

I must say I was shocked to read the headline - Linux to power most Motorola phones - one News.com. "Motorola will begin selling its first cell phone based on Linux this year and says most models will follow suit."

"By 2006, IDC believes Symbian will have increased its market share in powerful phones to 53 percent from its current 46 percent. Microsoft will have about 27 percent of the market, with Palm at 10 percent. IDC predicts that Linux could take as much as 4.2 percent."

posted by James at 9:42 PM


Has the Nokia 7650 got a software bug? "Orange technical support person insisted the handset had a software error that was unfixable."

posted by James at 7:28 PM


BBC NEWS: Now here's another idea we could have done without - "As picture messaging becomes increasingly popular, the mobile operators are hoping it will become as invaluable a communication method as e-mail and texting. To this end the companies are trying to come up with a visual language for camera phones. Vodafone has come up with The Little Book of Picture Messaging, which is full of ideas for how everyday objects can become significant messages."

Noooo, pleaseeee!

posted by James at 7:08 PM


ZDNet News: Users of Sony Ericsson's P800 smartphone will be the first to get their hands on Opera Software's revamped mobile Web browser next week, when the software makes its first public appearance.

"This is bringing the full Internet to your mobile phone. You can go in and download any Web page, and 99 percent of the pages will be able to display on your phone," said an Opera spokeswoman.

"I think it's absolutely phenomenal technology," said Michael Gartenberg, analyst with Jupiter Research, when the browser first appeared. "This is the kind of situation where Opera could potentially give Microsoft a run for its money in mobility."

Ok, that's it, the P800 it is for me then...... :p

posted by James at 12:15 PM

wWednesday, February 12, 2003

BBC NEWS: "The phones might be expensive and the images low resolution but picture messaging is proving popular with British mobile owners. This week O2 revealed that it now has 80,000 British users of its multimedia messaging service. Rival Vodafone has declared 130,000 UK users for its Live! multimedia service."

posted by James at 8:18 PM


infoSync : Review: PsiNT Extended Profiles 1.50F. It's not often you see an application which doesn't try to do much but to does what it tries to do well. But that's what InfoSync says PsiNT have managed with Extended Profiles 1.50F. Basically this utility extends the native profiles functionality of Series 60 devices, allowing you to setup a schedule of profiles instead of having to remember to manually switch between them. Very nice!

posted by James at 8:12 PM


The Register gives it's usual cynical twist on the 'Opera for P800' story.

posted by James at 7:54 PM

wTuesday, February 11, 2003

Interesting to read of a Taiwanese electronics maker announcing plans to release in the third quarter a smart phone based on Symbian's operating system.

"The smart phone will incorporate a user interface developed by Symbian subsidiary UIQ Technology, which designed the interface for Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications' Symbian-based P800 smart phone."

posted by James at 7:17 PM


The BBC are now calling on MMS enabled mobile phone carriers to be their 'royalty free' smart mob.

"BBC News Online wants to report the world from your perspective.
And the digital revolution will help us to do that. So, if you have been active with your phone camera, or any other digital camera, send us your pictures. Our picture editor will choose the best each week and publish them on this page every Friday."

It'll be interesting to see if this takes off and if it does I'd imagine it will be compulsive viewing. Imagine all the amazing things happening all over the world everday which could never be covered by the mainstream media. When everyone and his uncle has an instant digital imagery capture and distribution device forever in his pocket, fewer and fewer of these things will go un(visually)-recorded.

posted by James at 10:10 AM

wMonday, February 10, 2003

The Nation reports that, "Sony-Ericsson, Siemens and Nokia will release their new colour-screen handset models in Thailand this month in a bid to shore up their markets against Asian rivals. They are all kicking off their new techie, colour-screen equipment at virtually the same time, following a shared impulse to defend their colour-screen handset markets against the increasing dominance of Asian competitors."

posted by James at 2:04 PM


My gosh, I never realised that Vodafone are taking the mobile gaming side of Vodafone Live! this seriously. "Wireless games consultancy Babel Media has been appointed by Vodafone as its mobile games testing partner for its multimedia service Vodafone live!". Tough job, but somebody's got to do it,... right.... ;)

posted by James at 2:00 PM