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wFriday, February 07, 2003

I didn't realize that Britain's 3rd Generation Networks (3G) are this close to launch. Terrific!

posted by James at 12:10 PM

wWednesday, February 05, 2003

CNet.com weighs in with it's review of the Samsung SGH-V205 and, even though the review and accompanying comments seem pretty positive, I still can't get excited about this phone. In fact I think I have blinkered vision as regards hardware in this area as I can only see myself getting either the Nokia 3650 or the SonyEricsson P800. Emm....

posted by James at 8:49 PM


The Mitsumi WIF-0402C Bluetooth USB Adaptor Review could be useful for P800 and 7/3650 owners if they can figure out how to use it :p

posted by James at 7:44 PM


infoSync : Making the Nokia 7650 roomier. Psi NT's new Space Doubler appears to be just what the doctor ordered as far as Nokia 7650 'patients' are concerned. The application is an automatic and transparent compression system which apparently goes some way towards making up for the miserably stingy 4MB of user available memory.

posted by James at 7:14 PM

wTuesday, February 04, 2003

I hadn't come across the Nokia Camera Headset before but it get my instant approval as a hell of a nifty little accessory. Now that more phones are coming compatable phones with the necessary pro-port connector are arriving on the shelves it's a very attractive purchase. And I love the fact that it takes it's power from the phone.

posted by James at 9:43 PM


Not MMS related but an interesting look at the tangential course beeing steered by Nokia into the handheld games console market. This will be an extraordinary feat for Nokia to pull off. "Looking to rejuvenate mobile phone sales, Nokia will introduce a handset called N-Gage on Wednesday (Feb. 5) that supports video gaming. Based on Nokia's Series 60 mobile platform, N-Gage will be similar to the Nokia 7650 phone and will play games stored on memory cards sold through retail channels."

posted by James at 7:14 PM

wMonday, February 03, 2003

Mobile Commerce World: "The market players who hope to make money on European Premium MMS services would be wise to take a good look at what has been going on in South Korea for the past one and a half years", where MMS costs are about 80% less than those in Europe!!

posted by James at 7:05 PM


Sony Ericsson P800 - Electronics Reviews - CNET.com: CNet finally chimes in with it's review of the great new SE gadget. As always a thorough and enlightening analysis but what I really like is the comment section where you'll get plenty of contrasting opinions from Joe Public. It had an 89% approval rating and 32 user comments at time of posting, which is looking very good for the the struggling partnership.

posted by James at 9:30 AM