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wSaturday, February 01, 2003

InfoWorld Test Center: "Nokia’s 3650 is a surprise. It is precisely the kind of do-everything device that American consumers and businesses won’t buy"

"The 3650 is clearly a networked pocket computer, a portable mesh node, a reference platform for developers. This device, and the ones that will branch out from its design, are also remarkable business machines"

posted by James at 10:41 PM


This article from The Feature tells us that Vodafone Live! has gotten off to a very successful start apparently. It's interesting that you get so many different takes on the success, or lack thereof, the new MMS services every week.

What's very interesting about this article is how it attributes Vodafone's success to the way in which, in their mega-budget advertising, they've put the emphasis on the uses of the service and not on the technology.

posted by James at 10:16 PM

wFriday, January 31, 2003

Multi-directional Input Keypad (the MIK) Prototype Unveiled - Articles - Mobilemag.com: Yet another novel approach to the problem of mobile phone text entry. I'm not sure about this one though. Too fiddly looking for my liking. I think I'll stick with good old T9 predictive text.

posted by James at 9:19 AM

wWednesday, January 29, 2003

Dow Jones Newswires, via Yahoo Finace: "Camera Phones Haven't Taken Off"

That's the heading but then this article goes on to, seemingly, contradict itself by stating, "Although evidence is fragmentary, in recent days signs have emerged that substantial numbers of consumers were doing just that [upgrading to camera phones] in the run-up to Christmas."

posted by James at 10:07 AM

wTuesday, January 28, 2003

RCR Wireless News "Vodafone Ireland said it will use Mobilitec’s mPower over-the-air download technology to offer application download services to its 1.7 million users.".

Hey, how often do you see Ireland leading the charge in an area like this? Cool :)

posted by James at 9:52 PM


has managed to put in place all the technology
pieces that will allow him to post to his Moveable Type blog using
MMS or e-mail. Actually he did this over a month ago but I
only came across it now....

posted by James at 11:55 AM

wMonday, January 27, 2003

FT.com / Business / UK -> Good to see the operators (in the UK at least) finally getting their act together in terms of interconnection deals. How they could have launched MMS without these in place is beyond me!

posted by James at 2:42 PM


Gizmodo : The Gadgets Weblog reports that "Someone's finally ported Doom to Sony Ericsson's P800 color cellphone". Full story here

posted by James at 10:06 AM

wSunday, January 26, 2003

Russell Beattie has been using the TipciME IM applicatin for the symbian platform (7650) to IM his mom from the cinema! Hey Russell, don't they ask you to turn off your mobile in the cinema in Spain?

posted by James at 10:41 PM


FreEPOC write some really nifty little apps for Symbian devices. And, as it says on the tin, they're free!!

posted by James at 6:12 PM


Hypertags overcome the problem of Cell ID and GPS granularity by using low powered IR tags to beam information and web links to nearby mobile phones.

posted by James at 9:27 AM