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wSaturday, January 25, 2003

All About Symbian - Symbian Software: YFTP 1.0: "Now you can upload any kind of pictures or files from your Nokia directly to any FTP-Server. This can be used to publish photos immediately on your Website, to transfer files into your companies headquarter and for many other purposes...". Emmm, does this amount to a moblogging software of sorts?

posted by James at 11:51 AM


I also noticed during my visit to Expansys that the Nokia Observation Camera is available for pre-order. Expansys really do have a terrific site and I love the way they link to all accessories for each item. Kudos.

posted by James at 11:08 AM


This page for the upcoming Nokia 3650 is worryingly bereft of detail on whether the phone is fully compliant with the Bluetooth Headset profile (which means that it may not be able to connect with bluetooth headsets as is the problem with it 7650 predecessor). However, I was delighted to see this page on Expansys which does list the 3650 among the other phones compatible with Nokia's new HDW-2 Bluetooth Headset. Good.

posted by James at 10:52 AM


Here's another example of why blogging is here to stay and making traditional news media less and less relevant in many ways. Over the last few days I've seen numerous links to the news that FastMobile have succeeded in making a trans-atlantic push-to-talk mobile phone call. So what? I couldn't for the life of me figure out what made this such a big deal and none of the regurgitated press releases I read made me any the wiser.

But hey, Russell has it figured out. And he's explained it in English too. Now I understand! Now I can see why this is exciting news.In essence -

"It's amazing news because they're using the Symbian OS to transmit the voice! VoIP baby! YES! These aren't phones, they're mobile connected computers! This is an amazing example of what's possible on these Symbian phones and we're going to see a lot more innovation like this coming along soon."

posted by James at 10:41 AM

wWednesday, January 22, 2003

Handango - Symbian OS Products "IM : MSN/ICQ/AOL Mobile Instant Messenger for Nokia 7650/3650 Version 2" looks like a super cool product and something which I'd be inclined to purchase a 7650 for alone! The reviews on Handango (great site!) are absolutely gushing.

posted by James at 7:44 PM


PCWorld.com: This article carries a short and snappy comparison between three new models; Motorola's T720i, which features an attachable camera, Nokia's 3650 and Sanyo's 5300.

posted by James at 7:12 PM

wTuesday, January 21, 2003

After getting a little carried away with myself yesterday, in relation to Russell Beattie's new Manywhere Moblogger software I came across another moblogging tool today which also appears to work with Blogger and Nokia 7650s. Happily this one is based on Perl so I think I'm going to be able to get it up and running more easily than the Manywhere software.

posted by James at 8:26 PM


infoSync : miniGPS for Series 60: " PsiNT's latest application for Series 60 smartphones gives users a taste of location-based services of the future, enabling them to create events triggered by their position."

posted by James at 8:08 PM


Now here's an MMS application we can definitely do without - mobile karaoke.

posted by James at 8:05 PM


Get in the picture with MMS: ZDNet Australia: A report on the uptake of MMS messaging 'Down Under' and how one Aussie company, IS Global, has developed a product called "eZe Watch" which is an interactive, monitoring and recording security solution that uses common PC technology. "When motion is detected we can also send a picture, or pictures, to a suitable mobile phone. A user can also send an SMS message to eZe Watch to take a picture, then send it to him or her via MMS," Warwick Roberts, IS Global technical director, says.

posted by James at 2:23 PM

wMonday, January 20, 2003

Nice detailed review of SonyEricsson P800 compared to o2 xda on 10:53 PM


BBC NEWS: "Companies such as NowMMS, Telecom One and many others are setting up independent gateways that route sound and picture messages to any phone on any network. The NowMMS service is funded by adverts and anyone that signs up might occasionally get a multimedia ad sent to them. Users will still have to pay a small charge to send an MMS via the service's gateway because by signing up, they change the way a message travels.".

posted by James at 10:33 PM


Russell Beattie has discovered that the battery life on his Nokia 7650 doesn't suuuuck after all! All he had to do was not be stupid :o

posted by James at 10:16 PM