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wSaturday, January 11, 2003

Silicon Valley Biz Ink :: The voice of the valley economy: " Nokia has announced that the new Nokia 3650 imaging phone was
selected as an Innovations 2003 award winner at the 2003 International
Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas."

posted by James at 10:59 PM


CES: Samsung launches Palm phone: "The second new phone from Samsung is the SGH-V205. This GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) handset supports GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) packet data transmission, MMS (multimedia message service) and WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)."

posted by James at 10:56 PM

wFriday, January 10, 2003

Russ writes a nice mini comparison between the Nokia 7650 and Palm Vx in terms of interface and form factor. Lot's of pluses and minuses on both sides. I'm intrigued to read that the Nokia is so adept at 3D gaming!

posted by James at 7:25 PM


Newbay Software, a Dublin, Ireland based company, have already been blogged to high heaven thanks to their new FoneBlog product. This, "is a complete software system that allows mobile network operators provide their customers with easy to use websites (called web logs or 'blogs')". Essentially, mobile phone users will maintain their blogs via SMS texting and MMSing.

This report from The Register is currently at 15 on the Daypop chart. Even the High King of blogging, Dave Winer, has written about them. Although not in an altogether complementary light. He seems concerned by the proprietary nature of the system, a "nasty, closed implementation"!

Russell Beattie agrees with Dave, to a point, but says that "if you're looking from this from a money point of view, NewBay may have the right idea creating a service that the telecoms can add to their new offerings."

posted by James at 10:20 AM

wWednesday, January 08, 2003

ElectricNews.net:News: An Irish based start-up is trying to find the synergy between two of our favourite things - blogging and MMS camera phones!

"NewBay Software is hoping to capitalise on the ubiquity of mobile phones and particularly the MMS capabilities of the latest generation of camera phones to market its FoneBlog software product. Using FoneBlog, network operators provide Web addresses for customers who can then update their personal Web sites by sending text and images from their phone. If the user's phone does not have MMS, a text only site can be created."

posted by James at 11:54 PM

wTuesday, January 07, 2003

Russell Beattie, an American living in Spain seems over the moon about finally getting his new Nokia 7650. " Thank god I can finally ditch my Palm. I bought the PalmVx in 1999 for $500. This phone cost $150 less and does more. Cool."

It'll be interesting to follow Russell blogging on this device from the developer's viewpoint. He feels that the time is finally right for him as a developer to commit his energies to this technology sector.

posted by James at 8:06 PM

wSunday, January 05, 2003

Billy Thomspons article (see below) has been Slashdotted. Some interesting reactions to his insights.

posted by James at 11:55 PM