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wFriday, December 13, 2002

infoSync reports that, "UK based Mobile Video Imaging says the company's new content delivery solution will deliver TV quality video over GPRS at 25 frames per second at 25 Kbps to mobile devices."

posted by James at 9:12 PM


And still aboard Irish Rain=l Bernie, "can't help glancing over the shoulder of an guy who is using his Nokia 7650 to watch a videoclip."

posted by James at 8:41 PM


Bernie Goldback witnesses firsthand the buzz already surrounding photo messaging, during his travels onboard Irish Rail.

posted by James at 8:39 PM

wMonday, December 09, 2002

I was amazed to read this message which also appears on boards.ie. It links to a 10 second video which was shot on the Nokia 7650 using Hantro's brilliant technology. The amazing thing about this MP4 formatted video is that it only occupies 96kb of space!!

Just imagine the possibilities. You could fit about 14 of these video clips onto a floppy diskette. And because they're so small you can comfortably email them directly from the phone and quickly download them from the net.

Apparently this video software is going to come as standard with the Nokia 3650 which is due to ship in the first quarter of 2003. That phone also has extra memory (3.4Mb) to store even more such clips.

posted by James at 9:00 PM


A very interesting debate about the virtues of the upcoming Nokia 3650 versus the Nokia 7650 from the Wireless forum on the Irish Bulletin and Community website www.boards.ie

It's hard to believe that the 3650 is actually going to be bigger than the 7650 but it's got a number of extras packed into that size so I suppose Nokia can be excused.

posted by James at 8:57 PM