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Watching the evolution of MMS camera phones and the Symbian OS for the purpose of Moblogging.



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wSaturday, November 16, 2002

CelebSnapper is an innovative use of this new medium. The idea is to empower every day users to, "make the news, snapping Celebrities you see with your camera-phone or digital camera." And soon you'll be able to receive photo alerts to your mobile when one of your favourite celebrities has been snapped. Does this take papparrazzism to a new level?

posted by James at 7:18 PM

wThursday, November 14, 2002

WirelessSoftware.info - EZOS WAP 2.5: MMS receiving and sending works perfectly well on Microsoft powered cell phones. In fact MMS composing on PocketPC works much better than in case of many other cell phones already available on the market!

posted by James at 9:45 PM


News Factor Network are a little sceptical of the radical new Nokia 6800 form factor. I think it's bloody ingenious myself! Fair play to nokia for having the guts to think outside the box yet again.

posted by James at 9:38 PM

wWednesday, November 13, 2002

Very thorough review from Foxpop of the soon-to-be-released and highly desirable The Sony Ericsson P800. Some have called it a PDA killer, others a Nokia killer. Whatever about all that it is guaranteed to make the new year a very exciting time in MMS land.

posted by James at 7:43 PM

wMonday, November 11, 2002

Karlin Lillington says, "The camera phones are very cool. I tell you, every teenager and college student is going to use these and send tons of pics -- rather than a call you can send a friend a pic of you and pals waiting in the pub, at a party, on holiday, etc -- once you see the handsets and the colour screens and pic files you instantly see the possibility, rather than the hype. These are fun. I...want...one... I predict success for the phone makers and a big boost to operators as long as prices for sending MMS are not too high." [techno\culture]

posted by James at 10:19 PM


And so it begins. I don't normally do these ultra-geeky things but setting up a blog dedicated to monitoring the evolution of MMS, the Symbiaon OS and mobile observation cameras seemed like the only thing for me to do cosdering that I'm thoroughly fascinated by the possibilities these techologies will offer.

posted by James at 10:09 PM